Saturday, 1 October 2011

Now, where WAS I....?

Did I mention that I'm a VERY slow reader?

Its now over four months since I started this blog and this is only my second post.

A few things have contributed to this:

1) I've learned that i really AM a slow reader. It appears that years of reading comics have finally started to rot my brain!

2) I've misplaced my bleedin' copy of Managra (the book I promised to review all those years ago, as you've probably forgotten). Don't fret for me, it's somewhere in the house, but when your home is a cross between the Library of Alexandria and the Death Star's trash compactor it can be difficult finding things.

and finally,

3) I had my head turned by the chance to review Sky Pirates! for the Terrible Zodin!

Sky Pirates! is, of course, one of the Seventh Doctor Virgin adventures. Written by Dave Stone, it's something of a surreal romp.

The Terrible Zodin is the online Dr Who fanzine, a vertiable treasure trove of Who gooodness (they even have PAPER DOLLS in some issues!).

Anyway, you can read my review of Sky Pirates! in the twelfth issue of TZ, which can be downloaded for FREE at 

So I've at least managed to review A Dr Who novel, even if its not the one I originally promised.

Finally, I'm going to give the initial remit of Bouillabaisse Yum Yum a bit of a tweak.While I am going to continue wading my way through my backlog of Who novels, I've decided that I will also use this space to look at comics, tv and anything else that takes my fancy.

Hopefully that will mean that this blog will become a little more regular in future.

You have been warned.

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