Tuesday, 24 May 2011

A Blog Is Born...(I bet that's been used a million times)

From a very early age I've filled my life with stuff. Stuff that the vast majority of people see as useless, meaningless, sometimes childish, quite often beyond their understanding. When I say "stuff" I mean Dr Who, comics, sci-fi (not the hard stuff), kids TV, horror and general pop culture trivia. That sort of "stuff".

As a kid most of my peers were desperate for the new Liverpool away kit. I just wanted a very long scarf.

Eventually, I relented to peer pressure and got an away kit. I wore it to play footie on occasion (twice, I think), but most importantly (turned inside out) it formed the basis for my costume as Loki, God of Mischief in the Third Year Juniors' Christmas play.

But I digress.

Why am I writing a blog? That stems from a recent Twitter discussion. It was started by @TerribleZodin (splendid fanzine, all of them) who asked people to name their favourite stories for each incarnation of the Doctor. And rather than it being limited to just the TV episodes you could include the various books, comic strips, audio adventures, etc. that have been produced over the years. That got me to thinking about all those Dr Who novels I'd picked up over the years. The ones that I generally put to one side and never got around to reading.

I don't know about you, but I find that a geek's work is never done. You've just caught up on this month's comics, but you've still got those Big Finish Cd's to listen to, and that Joe Hill book you picked up in the charity shop, and those two series of Carnivale are still burning a hole in the shelf. And it doesn't help when you are the world's slowest reader and, I suspect, an undiagnosed narcoleptic.

Anyway, I've set myself the challenge of finally reading those Dr Who novels and writing a blog about it. And along the road I'm sure there'll be comic book commentary and other little diversions.

Next Time on Bouillabaisse Yum Yum!

Thanks to a recommendation from @the_Arn I'm starting with one of the Virgin Missing Adventures: Managra by Stephen Marley, starring the Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith.

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